Friday, 29 September 2017

[Music] Reddy – WHERE YOU DEY

A port Harcourt hot fast rising artist (ekene) popularly knwn by his stage name REDDY....releases his first single titled WHERE YOU DEY...

This is absolutely a big jam for you to listen to by Reddy and he titled this “WHERE YOU DEY“.

WHERE YOU DEY was produced by Teddy.

Listen & Download “Reddy – Where You Dey” below:-


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

[Breaking News] See the Popular Enugu Pastor Who Allegedly Defrauded His Church Members of N500 Million (Photo)

A popular Enugu cleric, Bishop Ginika Obi of the City of Liberation and Comfort Ministry has been arrested for allegedly defrauding some members of his church and the public through an illegal financial institution.
The announcement was made by the Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO) Ebere Amaraizu, Superintendent of Police (SP) during a press statement on Monday. 
Amaraizu revealed that Obi was arrested at a hotel in Enugu where he was hiding for several months.
“Before now, the suspect, who hails from Unuaku Uli  in Ihiala Local Government Area  of Anambra State, was a Bishop in charge of City of Liberation and  Comfort Ministry Enugu and in charge of an alleged financial NGO known as Build Your Generational Organisation (BGO) where his victims are made to invest with a hope of reaping a bumper financial dividend.

“It was learnt that his victims are numerous and with various degrees of complaint of huge amount of swindled from them without any thing to show for it,” Amaraizu said.
According to the PPRO, the suspect on noticing that police operatives were on his trail based on the complaint of alleged swindling of some suspected members of the public/victims of money to the tune of N500 million,  escaped and relocated to Asaba in Delta state to avoid being nabbed by the operatives.

Wednesday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episiode 7-8

Urmi is teased about her first night gift to samrat. she is surprised and says that she hasnt thought of anything. They start discussing what could he possibly want. urmi also emphasises that emotions would ccount, and hence it would be something special, like a handknit sweater. Trisha is disappointed saying that there’s too less time for that. urmi says that she has the confidence that she would be able to finish. They start teasing her. trisha asks for samrat’s fav and she says that she doesnt know. they decide to ask urmi to call him up and find out. urmi is hesitant but trisha asks her to. while trisha asks her not to spoil the surprise. As it starts ringing, urmi asks them to be silenced. she asks samrat about him and he says that he’s fine. urmi calls up samrat, and says that he wants to talk to her about something. Samrat says that she may ask, but she should hurry up as he is driving. urmi is confused and asks whats he doing outside, as it was his haldi ceremony today, and he isnt supposed to go outside after that. Samrat tells her that he didnt apply any haldi, as he had work and hence doesnt have the time for all this. urmi is shocked and hurt and gets teary eyed and emotional, hearing this. just then, her masi comes to say that samrat’s haldi has come. she is upset as she knows the truth behind it. She tries to be merry for everyone present. She asks gaurav and he tells her what he was told. in a corner of the bathroom, urmi finally breaks down into tears, in muffled sounds. She then composes herself, and calls up ishaan. He picks up and asks why she caleld him. he senses something tensed and asks if all is right. She asks him how was the haldi. He lies to her too, and asks how was it there. she desperately tries to compose herself and says that it was okay. She asks samrat where’s he. He again makes up a lie, that he’s sleeping and resting. After much crying, she tells him that she didnt expect this from him, as he knows the truth. Ishaan is tensed, as she says that she is very hurt with this lie of theirs, and what would the family have felt, had they known this. He says that they lied and apologises, saying that she knows that samrat is super busy and couldnt do this ritual, and didnt want to hurt their feelings. He says that she shouldnt be angry at samrat, as he told her the truth. She says that she’s angry at him, as she is disappointed. While he apologises, samrat walks in. After cancelling the call, he asks him who was he saying sorry too. Ishaan tells everything. samrat takes it on his ego, as to why was he calling her to apologise, and how dare she get angry at him. ishaan tries to compose, but samrat ridicules urmi, that she’s nothing and shouldnt have done this. He gets angry and says that he wont marry this girl. ishaan is shocked. He tries to stop him, but samrat silences him saying that he wont marry that girl at any cost, and that this deal is cancelled.

Festivities and merriment begin at urmi’s house, while urmi sits tensed, thinking about the haldi ceremony. urmi’s father finds her tensed, and teary eyed, and motions her not to, and smile instead. She motions him to come to her. he complies and sits beside her. she hugs him tightly. he says that he understands what nervousness she is going through, as along with happiness, she must be sad and tensed too, about leaving this place and going to a new one. He assures her that they shall be here and in this city only, and they can meet her whenever she wants to. On one hand, where urmi is told by her father, that samrat would take care of her so much and his family would love her so much, that she would forget her family, and asks urmi to stop crying or else he wont be able to control himself too. they hug each other, while others get emotional too, seeing this. He says that when samrat would be with her, she would be smiling and not teary eyed. he teases her and gets her to smile finally. she hugs him delightfully.

On the other hand, samrat tells everyone in the family defiantly that he has taken a final descision that he’s not going to marry urmi. All are shocked.His mtoehr tries to make his realise the gravity of the situation. Samrat says that he isnt bothered about the girl and his family. samrat says that he wont change the descision for their family. ishaan says that he was at fault, as he lied. Samrat says that why did they lie, they should have told the truth, as he doesnt care for this. samrat’s father tries to make him see the importance of these rituals for them. As his brother tries to comply, he says that was marrying a low level girl, just so that she could be under him all the time, but urmi turned out to be different. Samrat’s mother goes on to comply with samrat as usual. His father asks him to think atleast of the family, who would have to face the questions of the society about their girl, and her reputation being ruined and their expenditure. samrat says that they would pay off for the image tarnish that he would inflict on their family. He says that he has made up his mind and wouldnt marry her. Ishaan is shocked to see such crude behaviour on samrat’s part. he asks him to stop this. samrat says that he too wants this maatter to be stopped right now. when he finally says that he wont marry, all are shocked. the screen freezes on Samrat’s face.
All are shocked at samrat’s final descision, not to marry urmi. he asks them to tell or he would tell urmi’s family. After he leaves, all are tensed.

The next morning, festivities are on, with food preparations. gaurav is given a list to get when he come home from office. The ladies get busy in everyday work. Urmi’s father asks his wife to rleax, while she asks him to tend to the work, while reading the newspaper later. granny asks urmi to come soon as its getting late. they say that haldi is ready, but the milk hasnt come yet, from her in laws. urmi is brought down along with her sisters. urmi sits. Her mother says that urmi would bathe later, hence they should wait for the milk. but her bhabhi, decides to wait. her sister suggets that they should start applying haldi, while her bhabhi calls them up to find if they have sent the milk or not. Urmi is teased about being so lucky to have an in-laws house like hers, that sends rose milk for her to bathe in, which reminds them to ask why the milk didnt arrive today.

In samrat’s house, the festivities are on, while the priest asks them to prepare the bhog for the puja of the kuldevi. all are tensed regarding samrat’s descision. His mother comes to his father, asking for suggestions what to do. he reprimands her for being with her son last night, and now she should be prepared for the consequences. when the phone rings, she gives it to him. he ignores the call. meanwhile, at urmi’s place, gaurav is getting dressed in the next room. Samrat’s family are tensed with the arrival of some relatives and wondering what to say to them. They somehow receive the guests, and are tensed when they start talking about samrat’s marriage preps. finding samrat’s family tensed, the relatives ask why do they look so tensed and worried. Samrat’s mother, shashi manages to say that samrat, as usual, has refused for marriage at the last minute, in a fit of anger, and how to tell this to the girls’ family. the phone starts ringing again. Samrat’s father says that its from their house, and ecides to clarify everything. As urmi’s bhabhi calls up about the milk, samrat’s father tells her that there’s some new drama, and that samrat has refused to marry urmi. She is shocked, while urmi’s mother is tensed as to what happened. All come shearing urmi’s bhabhi screams. Samrat’s father explains everything. As her bhabhi begins to question him, he cancels the call, and she is tensed. all ask worriedly what happened and why is she so bungled up. She is unable to anser, but finally spills the beans that samrat refused to marry urmi. While all are tensed, she says that she doesnt know what happened. gaurav loses his temper, and when buaji walks in, she too is scandalised to hear. They are comforted by urmi’s masi, that such things are normal in marriage, and that they should clarify, but not over the phone, and hence they should go personally, and sort this out, and resolve and find out a solution. urmi’s father takes gaurav, and asks others to stay back, so that urmi doesnt get tensed, and asks everyone not to tell urmi about this. after they leave, all are disturbed and distraught, but masi asks them to compose themselves for urmi, so that she doesnt know anything.

Ishaan tries to talk sense into samrat, but his ego doesnt let him budge. ishaan asks him not to place ego, but as urmi didnt behave badly. while they are discussing, a servant comes in announcing urmi’s family’s arrival. samrat coems down, while ishaan too worriedly follows him. Urmi’s bhabhi consults with her parents as to what would happen now. they say that they tried to talk, but samrat refuses to listen. samrat comes down getting everyone’s attention. urmi’s father asks him what happened, and that they would rectify the matter, in terms of dowry or otherwise. Ishaan tries to speak, but samrat motions him to stop. Samrat ridicules them for even thinking of giving them anything, as they have everything that they need. He says that they dont expect as they arent capable. urmi’s bhabhi asks what happened. samrat says that urmi doesnt deserve to be his wife. gaurav controls his anger and tries to talk sense, that he would regret it later, as he wont find a girl like urmi anywhere else. ishaan tries to talk, but is again silenced by samrat, saying that he doesnt want any more discussions on this topic. urmi’s father asks him to speak clearly. samrat says that isnt requierd, very rudely. he goes over to gaurav, and tells him that if his sister is so good, she would get loads of better offers, and they should marry her to one of them. gaurav asks him to think before speaking about his sister. he evmnts out his frustration, while samrat resignedly listens. His mother tries to cover up for samrat. urmi’s father asks her ton tell whats bothering samrat so much, as its their right to know this. Samrat’s mother says that it must be something that he cant say in front of everyone. gaurav says that such arguements are baseless. gaurav says that they can behave so, as they samrat doesnt have a sister, and hence dont understand that they are tainting his character. urmi’s father asks him to be silent now. He goes over to samrat, to ask if urmi did anything, and they shall ask her to rectify it, and never repeat so again.

Meanwhile, oblivious of all this, urmi’s family tries to be happy for urmi’s sake so that she doesnt doubt anything.

In samrat’s residence, Urmi’s father apologises with folded hands, saying that they are sorry for whatever mistake was committed on their part. But samrat folds his hands instead, rudely of course, and says that he’s sorry to be unable to marry urmi. he leaves, with urmi’s bhabhi after him. ishaan too leaves, while all are tensed. Gaurav and urmi’s father are shocked. the screen freezes on samrat’s father’s tensed face.
Fun and festivities are on, while urmi’s family is tensed about samrat’s refusal to marry urmi. but they keep a smiling face, just to keep urmi, uninformed. anu gets urmi to dance, along with trisha. trish requests her to dance also. all family people also ask urmni too. she finally agrees. She dances to the number, Sawaar Loon, with anu and others.

Wednesday Update On Life Of Ami Episode 71-73

Shruti going to dadi at nisha and pravin’s house. She sees that nisha is shouting dadi that dadi is living such a peaceful life but they are so unlucky to take all her burden on their heads and then she says that shruti also has married and went to her in laws and living nicely but they dadi lives free at home and does not do any work. Dadi is crying. Then shruti shouts nisha and asks her does she have any shame and then nisha ignores and goes away. Then dadi tells shruti to sit and then tells that how is she and how are ami and khushboo? Then shruti tells dadi that why is she still so calm and that there is nothing good there and she is still asking her how they are? Then dadi tells that she just cares for them and that she will manage everything of hers there. Then shruti is crying and hugs her.

At home, ami hides a cage under her jacket in which there is a rat and then she goes in prabha’s room where she is sleeping and then she removes the rat and keeps it on the bed and goes out. She locks the door and stands out. Then riddhi sees her and asks what is going on? She tells that she is only going on and then tells that she was just walking. Then riddhi goes. Then suddenly prabha starts dancing in the room and jumping in the room and panicking as she sees the rat there. Then riddhi sees prabha and then she opens the door and then tells prabha to come out, prabha comes running out and then she takes prabha and makes her sit on the sofa. Then gives her water, dad on listening this sound comes out and tells what happened then riddhi tells him and dad starts laughing and ami and khushboo also, then he tells that even a child must not be scared of that rat. Then he teases her and goes. Then ami tells khushboo that this is what a person suffers if one talks panga from her. khushboo tells that did she do this? Then ami says yes and then they both go laughing. Then riddhi tells prabha that she had seen ami roaming about her room. Then prabha tells that she must only have done this. Then she tells riddhi a plan and then riddhi goes ami and khushboo’s room. She then tells them do they want ice cream. Ami says why? Riddhi tells that dad had brought a new flavor and that’s why she asked. Then she tells that if she wants then they can take and if not then its ok. Then khushboo says ok. After eating the ice cream they both come in the room but they see that all their pics of their family and their pics with their dad have been torn and everything has been thrown down. Then they both go running and then pick up their dad’s photos and hug them and cry and say “dad, dad” then ami gets angry and tells that she will not leave prabha for this ever.

In the kitchen riddhi tells that she has done what she needed and that it is so amazing to see ami and khushboo like this. Then prabha tells that this was just the start there is much. Then she tells that they still have to spark fire, riddhi says in between whom then prabha tells that not between anyone but really put fire. Then prabha turns on all the knobs of the gas and riddhi gets scared and tells that what I she doing then prabha tells nothing will happen, then she tells riddhi that just stop anyone from coming In the kitchen. Then riddhi goes out and then sanjay comes from office and then riddhi asks him that did he talk to yogesh, sanjay tells that he will today , then she asks him that can he smell anything then he says gas and then he runs with riddhi and then sees that prabha is going to ignite the match stick and then he stops her and asks her that cant she smell the gas, she tells that she cant as her nose has been blocked because she was crying yesterday. Then he turns off the knobs and then takes her out and riddhi gives her water. Then he tells who did this, then prabha tells that shruti had forgotten while going and turned all the knobs. Then shruti comes and then sanjay shouts her a lot and tells that because of her something would have happened to mom and the whole house would have blasted. Then shruti says sorry and tells that she did not turn on the knobs and then thinks of what all happened today and he is sad. In the room shruti is very sad and is crying because dadi was not happy there and is living a bad life. Then she cries for what happened today. Then ami and khushboo come and hug her and shruti also hugs them.
Someone telling Shruti on the phone that there are some important papers in harsh’s office and then she says that she will cone to take it. Ami is getting ready and tells khushboo not to study so much. Then Shruti gets ready and calls Ami and tells sanjay that she is going to get papers from harshs hospital but khushboo doesn’t let her go and then sanjay says that he will get it. He drops Ami at school and gets those papers and then gets worried reading it. He then goes in the office and calls his assistant and tells her to cancel all his meetings as he is going home and he asks her to call him only if there is any important work. Then he goes home and shruti is teaching khushboo and sees sanjay come home early and then goes in the room and he hides the file and Shruti asks about the papers he says that he saw and it was nothing important. Then prabha comes and tells Shruti and sanjay that she will get Ami and they say that they will go but she says that she will get her.

Then Ami thinks that its Shruti and gets in the car but seeing prabha she gets angry and is about to get down but prabha stops her. Then in the car prabha talks I’ll about shruti due to which Ami gets angry and stops the car and gets down from the car in the middle of the road.

Prabha reaches home and Shruti asks her where is Ami but she doesn’t answer and then goes away from there. Then she hears prabha saying to riddhi that she left Ami on the road and came and Shruti gets hyper listening to this and shouts at prabha. Then sanjay comes there and asks her not to shout and asks her to know what has happened and its Ami mistake as she doesn’t like prabha sosge got out if the car and they have informed police about it and then the bell rings and police cones and they ask them to take care of Ami. Then Ami speaks a bit rudely about prabha and Shruti slaps her for this and asks her to go in her room. Then prabha says that she will separate everything from Shruti.

Shruti sitting and crying & thinking that she shouldn’t have slapped ami. Then khushboo comes to Shruti and asks her whether Ami is angry with her. Then khushboo says that not only Ami but she is also angry with her as she shouldn’t have slapped Ami without listening to the whole thing. She says that she believes that Ami wouldn’t have been at fault and prabha would have done something. Then khushboo and Shruti go to Ami and talk to her and ask her whether she is angry. Then Ami says that she is not angry and says that it was not her mistake and it was prabha’s mistake and tells her all the things that prabha had done with them. Then Shruti asks them that why didn’t they tell her about this.
Sanjay’s dad reading the letter sent by yogesh saying that he tried to convince and talk to riddhi to come and stay back with him but he couldn’t convince her and so he has taken the decision of divorce with riddhi. Riddhi gets shocked hearing to this and upset and she sits down n cries. Then Shruti suggests to riddhi that she should talk to yogesh and solve the matter instead of giving a divorce to yogesh. Then prabha says to Shruti that she need not interfere and suggest anything to riddhi and she should better stay out of this matter. Then riddhi is crying in her room and there Shruti comes to console her and tells her that instead of trying very hard to break sanjay n shruti’s marriage she should try hard to save her marriage as it would benefit her. Then she goes from there. Shruti goes in her room and then remembers about harsh’s policy papers. Then she checks sanjay’s cupboard and gets the papers and is about to read the papers but sanjay stops her saying its nothing important. Then prabha goes to riddhi and asks her that why is she crying and she should not cry. Then riddhi tells her that she will now try to save her relationship. Then prabha thinks that shruti might have said something to riddhi.

Then prabha goes to sanjay in his room but as he is not there while she is leaving she sees harsh’s papers and reads them and gets shocked. Then she goes in the hall and shouts out and calls Shruti sanjay n others outside. Then she tells Shruti that harsh had AIDS and she didn’t tell them and betrayed them. Shruti gets shocked hearing to this and takes the papers from prabha and reads it and goes in her room. Then sanjay says to prabha that what she did was wrong and she shouldn’t have opened up such a delicate matter so openly.

Then sanjay goes to shruti and consoles her and tells her that he was not able to tell her this. The screen freezes on Shruti and sanjay’s sad n crying faces.

Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 482-484

Abhi telling Purab that he is worried about Pragya and feeling guilty. Purab thinks what to tell Pragya and gets worried. He thinks Pragya have returned for Abhi and what she will do knowing the betrayal. Mitali collides with Tanu and says I am not having talent like you. She says I know Abhi scolded you, and says Robin told her. Tanu asks what is your problem. Mitali says Pragya asked me what she has done yesterday night, and says she thought to ask Abhi, but then thought to cook up a fake story. Tanu thinks Pragya don’t remember anything and thinks to tell her yesterday night incident and laugh on her. She comes to Pragya and asks if she has any memory loss. She says you got drunk yesterday. Pragya asks why are you feeling happy as Abhi took care of me and thrown you out of room. She says there is love between us, and that will never let our relation break. Tanu says whenever you say these lines, I couldn’t stop laughing. She asks her to give her some lecture on kumkum, marriage, mangalsutra etc…and says I feel good whenever you say those lines. Pragya asks if you have gone wrong. Tanu says you will be shocked knowing the truth and says you will not get Abhi in this life. She says it is good that your mum is paralyzed and might stop breathing if she comes to know about the truth. Pragya asks how dare you and is about to slap her.

Tanu holds her hand and says her slap is without any noise. She says your divorce is done with Abhi, and shows the divorce papers copy. Pragya is shocked. Tanu smiles and asks where is your trust, marriage, love, kumkum….She says those things were separated from you by Abhi, and says abhi took out your mangalsutra and wiped your sindoor. She says Abhi took divorce by cheat. She says Abhi acted to care for her and showed love, just to get divorce. She says scores are settled now, and thanks her saying she got her Abhi. Pragya is shattered. Tanu says you have lost. Your husband have snatched trust from you, and asks if she should get a separate bed for her beside Sarla’s bed. She angrily says you have refused to give him divorce when I asked you, and says you couldn’t bend, but now have broken. She says I have won my challenge. Pragya gets teary eyes and says this can’t happen. He can’t do this. Tanu says I am wondering when you will leave the house, and asks her to read papers properly and wears fuggi specs. She says your relation was just on papers and it ended with a signatures, and Abhi have betrayed you. She says I got these papers submitted in court early morning and divorce will happen soon. I will marry him soon. She says this is check and mate. She says happy divorce and good luck. Pragya is shattered.

Purab comes to Dadi’s room. Akash asks what did Abhi tell you. Rachna says I will bring Pragya. Purab asks her not to call Pragya and tells about his conversation with Abhi. They are all shocked. Dadi sits down shockingly and says Abhi shouldn’t have done this, and talks about Pragya’s sacrifices. She says Pragya have bear everyone’s anger and enmity and she got betrayal. She blames Abhi and says I will not let this happen. She says Abhi have ruined my values and says I will question him. Purab says if you ask him, then abhi will understand I told you. Dadi asks what to do now? She says shall I spend my rest of my life seeing Tanu and her illegitimate child. Purab asks Dadi to calm down. Dadi saysif you stop me then something will happen to me. Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells her that Pragya doesn’t know what happened last night, I felt pity on her and told her everything. She says she got immense happiness.

Aaliya scolds Tanu for ruining the plan, and says you did a big mistake. Tanu asks what wrong did I do? Aaliya says you are a big fool. Aaliya says lawyer didn’t call till now, and haven’t submitted the papers also. She says do you want to prove that you have won and Pragya lost. She says we have some time until Pragya is in confusion. She says Pragya will become wounded tigress now and will attack you. Tanu says Pragya needs a support to stand up and says she is broken and shaken up in shock. She says this pain was needed to give her, and says she was proud of her kumkum which I wiped with my hand. Aaliya asks are you sure she is broken completely. Tanu says she is broken and there is nobody to support her.

Pragya is shattered and cries thinking about their marriage. A fb is shown. Pragya thinks I tried to save my marriage and it ended in one night. She recalls Tanu’s words and cries miserably. Hamari Adhuri plays……..Pragya thinks I have lost you for forever and have lost from Tanu. She says I lost my strength and trust and don’t have anything with me rather than your memories.

Pragya crying infront of Sarla and tells that she is missing Bulbul. She wishes that the moment goes back to old time. Sarla cries seeing Pragya crying. Pragya asks her not to cry and says if you cry then I will lose. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Aaliya asks Pragya how can she leave Sarla go, and says anything can happen to her. She says Pragya’s emotional drama was mind blowing. She asks Pragya to tell the truth to Sarla. She says I am very happy seeing the emotional scene. She says I thought to make your life hell and don’t have to do any effort as Tanu did everything alone. She says Tanu have made me lose and have gone beyond finishing line. Pragya asks her to come out and talk. Aaliya says we will talk here also. She says Sarla should know your truth, your husband’s truth. Tanu says Sarla should know. Pragya requests them not to tell anything to Sarla. Tanu tells Sarla that Pragya and Abhi are now divorced. Aaliya says your beta ji have taken her signatures by cheat. Pragya requests them to go. Tanu says Pragya should pack her bags and leave now. She says Pragya has not said her anything and is behaving like stone. Aaliya says she is broken.

Tanu says she is owner of the house though. Aaliya says she is having money, but she is all alone now. Tanu says Pragya might hate money now as her husband betrayed her. Aaliya says she came here on doli and will leave from here without aarthi, and says it was a stupid middle class line. Pragya cries badly. Aaliya tells Pragya that there is no Kumkum or any Bhagya. They make fun of her and goes. Sarla is shocked and teary eyes as well. Pragya sits down cryingly and apologizes for hiding the truth. She says I have lost it. Aaliya says Pragya will not create problem in your life and marriage, as she is shattered now. She says why Abhi will care for her when he fills kumkum in your maang. Tanu laughs.
Dadi slaps Abhi heavily, and asks how dare he to betray Pragya? She asks why you didn’t get scared by doing such cheap thing, and says you can’t eye contact with me. Abhi asks whether Pragya haven’t done anything wrong? Dadi says she has snatched money, but have respected everyone in the family. She says Pragya have protected you from your enemies, and exposed Raj and Aaliya. She says Pragya have lost her real sister for you, and says you have fallen from my eyes. She says you don’t deserve her favors. You have relation with her, but you have broken it. She asks can you bring her sister back, she is sacrificing because of you, and is ready to die for you, but you have killed her already. She asks Abhi to apologizes to Pragya and says she will never forgive him. She ends relation with Abhi. Abhi is shocked.

Pragya cries looking at their pics and gets emotional. Hamari Adhuri plays…………..She wipes her tears. She wears her specs and cries miserably thinking nobody will call her chasmish, fuggi etc, and she will be Pragya only. Abhi comes and asks if she is crying? Pragya says no, and says someone have fallen from my eyes. Abhi thinks why did she wear specs today when I have broken relation with her. Pragya asks if you want to tell me anything and asks him to go and plan life with Tanu. Abhi thinks Dadi is right and he shall apologize to Pragya. He tells Pragya that he want to talk to her. Pragya asks him to say. Abhi asks her to take off her specs. Pragya asks why?Abhi says memories is related with this specs and I couldn’t say anything. Pragya removes her specs.

Abhi apologizes to her and says I have done wrong with you, please forgive me. He asks her not to look at him, as he is not having strength to face her. He says he did his life’s biggest mistake and took her signatures. He says lawyer went to court with the divorce papers and then we will be separated after he brings order from court. He says now you can turn, and says you can punish or slap me as I am guilty of yours and have took advantage of your drunkness. Pragya says you haven’t done anything wrong and have proved that you always support truth. She says I am very happy today…..Abhi hugs her and gets emotional. Pragya also hugs him and cries. Kaisa yeh Ishq Hai plays……

Abhi and Pragya hugging each other emotionally and cry. Aaliya feels pity on Pragya. Tanu says Pragya will spend her life taking care of Sarla now, and says she can’t put black eye on my marriage now. Mitali looks at the wafers and asks for it. Aaliya gives her wine to drink. She couldn’t drink it and keeps it. She looks at the cards. Tanu likes a card and says there should be one girl here who is seen running and crying. Aaliya asks her to add specs to that girl. They laugh. Abhi apologizes to Pragya and says I should say the truth, and accept my mistake. Pragya cries. Abhi says I did a mistake. He says I met Tanu before you, and thought she will be of my status and people will say our jodi is good. He says relations don’t make with wrong thinking. He says I am punished, as I am leaving my first true love for that girl. He says I got myself by accepting my mistake, but I lost you.

Pragya with teary eyes asks how can you lose me, when we haven’t united before. She says it is not necessary to be together. You are fulfilling your duty and I am with you. She says if you shaken up at anytime then I will hold your hand. She says you told me everything and says everything don’t have this strength. She says we can’t be husband and wife, but can be friends. She says whenever you need me, I will be with you. I will come infront of you before you remember me. She says friends and forwards her hands. Abhi looks on emotional and shakes hand with her. Pragya smiles. She sits beside him. Abhi holds her and kisses on her cheek. Just then Rachna comes and sees Abhi kissing Pragya. Abhi says sorry and excuse himself.

Abhi thinks how can he act madly and kiss Pragya after divorcing her. He says Tanu shouldn’t know this. Tanu comes and asks what he was saying? Abhi says nothing serious. Tanu asks what are you hiding? She says you went to Pragya’s room, and asks what happened? Abhi says she was crying, so I asked her why she was crying? I gave her emotional support. Tanu says don’t go to her room, she will slap you if you try to touch her. He looks at the cards and asks about it. Tanu says it is for their marriage.

She gets Nikhil’s call and asks him to see the cards until she comes back. Abhi sits down on the bed and looks at the cards. He says why only bride and groom are shown in the cards, and hopes a girl should also be seen in the card who is your best friend. He recalls Pragya saying she is very happy, their emotional talk. He recalls kissing her on cheek. Nikhil tells Tanu that he came to the same lawyer who will be filing Abhi-Pragya divorce case. He asks her to fulfill the promises made to him, else he won’t let her marry. Tanu says I am not married to Abhi still, and says I can ask anything after marriage. Nikhil says I want my rights before marriage, and says I am coming there to discuss. Tanu thinks Nikhil will stop her marriage.

Abhi thinks how to select a card when he couldn’t select a right partner. He says I couldn’t forget pragya and kissed her. He says I thought my life will be set if I marry a super model, but I don’t even like her. Tanu comes and takes the cards. Abhi wishes he wouldn’t have meet her before. Pragya tries to excuse herself. Rachna asks what happened and teases her about the kiss. Pragya says nothing happened, he was just motivating me. Rachna says what type of motivation. Pragya says I got motivated for good work. He was telling me not to go and made me realize that I need his love. She says I felt like getting his love, and tells about Dadi’s words. She says I will fight for him and for his love. Rachna asks her to give some strength to Abhi by kissing him. Pragya says Rachcho. Rachna says yesterday he divorced you, but today he gave you a big happiness.

Nikhil comes to Abhi’s house with lawyer, and says Aaliya and Tanu shouldn’t get any advantage. Purab sees Nikhil with lawyer and gets doubtful. Nikhil and Lawyer come to Tanu’s room. Tanu asks why did you come here? What is your problem? Aaliya asks her to calm down. Tanu says I know your problem and says you are jealous of me. She curses the night which she had spent with him. Nikhil asks her to remember her status and says you are not a celebrity. He says you are dancing and flying high because of my mistake (baby). He says I brought lawyer here to make you understand, and asks her to fulfill her promise else he knows other way also. Aaliya says we will discuss. Nikhil says it is simple, I want to be CEO of Abhi’s company, and Tanu will do this work.

Tuesday Update On Life Of Ami Episode 4-6

Shruti scolding her sister-in-law that Ami is her daughter and it is non of her business if she pass or fail she says she wants her daughters to be independent. Baa asks them to stop the charade, Navin commands his wife to go, she leaves with Aishwarya. Navin remains behind and apologizes to Shruti he takes his mother ,s blessings and leaves from there. Ami is in tears, she runs to the room and dives on the bed and cries, Shruti comes and consoles her, they hug tightly as Ami promises that she will do well next time in her examination. Kushboo comes there and says she passed and says Ami is being hugged instead of her. The trio hug and the two kiss kushboo on the cheek.

Its morning, kushboo wakes up and is shocked that Ami is reading she jumps out of bed and goes to call Shruti and Baa who are jinxed and at the same time happy to see Ami reading, they praise her change. Kushboo goes through Amis new timetable she taunts her about the timing then the two start playing, kushboo asks if playing is included in the timetable. Shruti is proud to see this and they all put up the timetable on the chart board. Ami promises her mother she will study frm now on.

The door bell rings its a cable personnel officer who is there because they were instructed to disconnect the cable. Everyone is shocked as to who called them Ami comes and say she did. Baa and Kushboo protest but the cable is disconnected. Baa and Kushboo tries to brainwash ami about no more watching Ranbir Kapoor. Shruti requests Ami to take Baa to the hospital because of an appointment. Shruti leaves. Ami starts to study but she is confused. Shruti is notified by a fellow motorist that she has a puncture.

sanjay comes in car, he sees shruti and they Sanjay and his mother offers her a lift and she agrees and goes with them. The woman praises Shruti who has played dual responsibility in her family as a single parent, the ladies joins forces and start lecturing Sanjay to get Married.

ami baa and khusboo are on their way to the hospital and meet their friends. They invite them for a movie she needs to take baa to the doctor.
all go to see barfi movie …

They see jassu behen at theatre she sees ami and kushboo after break…

amo her ba and khusboo reach home and shruthi is waiitng…
amii says they could not meet doc as appointmt gt cancelled reason being thy say tht doc grandma passed away shurthi says thy didnt go to doctor.. she asks khusbhoo where did you go???
She says the truth. Ami is worried.

Ami trying to apologize to Shruti about going to the Cinema Hall which was free, Shruti opposes her and says she has failed in her upbringing, Ami says the Picture was free. Shruti says its important to take responsibility of Baa ‘s treatment. Ami concludes that Jassu Behen told her but Shruti says the Doctor called and enquired about Baa. Kushboo says she is young therefore she couldn’t make such a decision. Ami says that Baa is older than them and she agreed. Shruti informs everyone that Ami has been promoted in tenth grade. Baa wants to say something but shruti stops her. Kushboo takes the extension and calls Nani over. Shruti goes to her room, nani arrives and is about to follow her but Baa tells her to stay with ami and she will talk to Shruti. Again portion of the old roof falls on Amis head.

Baa tells shruti that she is and has always been good daughter to her. She has taken care of her, Harsh and her two beautiful grand children. The duo have an emotional talk and finally baa hugs shruti.

Nani is outside the house with the girls, Ami tells her she wishes that Shruti forgives her mistake, Kushboo teases Ami. Nani gives Ami a tifin with khaman ,Ami‘s fav sweets but before she takes Kushboo reminds Ami about her promise, no khaman for atleast a month.

Shruti talks to Sanjay about Harsh insurance money which was supposed to have already been given to them, the two joke . Sanjay offers to accompany shruti when she goesfor a follow up at the insurance company. She agrees

Ami is staring at the khaman as she doesn’t want to break her promise. kushboo comes there and sees her staring at the the tifin. She takes the khaman and starts to eat in front of Ami. Ami can’t take it no more she takes the tifin and enjoys the khaman

Nani takes out a bundle of money from her cupboard. Her son asks her where she is taking the doo.Nani remembers how the roof fell in Ami She tells him and requests for some money from him, the man doesn’t want to. His wife brings his side bag. Nani and Sheela tries to woe the miser in togiving the doo. Finally he gives in

Shruti has bought second hand books for the girls, kushboo seems happy but Ami doesn’t.
Nani comes and gives the girls a skipping rope, she asks them to go and play . Nani asks if shruti is going to the office, she says yes. Baa goes for the tifin.

Nani gives the money to Shruti but she refuses. She tries to convince her moreover she suggest for Shruti‘s Punar Vivah, Shruti isn’t happy with it. Ami overhrd this and is stunned.
Ami gets angry after hearing about Shruti’s 2nd marriage. She says everyone that no one can take place of her father. She runs to her room and locks herself inside. Everyone asks her to open the door, but she is very angry and starts throwing stuff around. She gets a teddy bear in her hand and remember her dad. She sits down with it and cries. Shruti Nani tell her to listen to them at least, but Ami screams that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone

Khushboo returns home and asks everyone what happened. Dadi says Ami has locked herself inside the room and is very angry. Khushboo thinks of something and runs outside saying she is going to save her lamp. Khushboo gets into the room from a window. Ami has her lamp in her hand and asks why you came here? Khusbhoo annoys her by taking Jassoo ben name again and again and with her talks. She smartly takes the lamp away too. Khushboo goes on and on and now asks her, how many days are you trying to stay inside? For one day fruits will be enough, but then you will need food too. Ami gets annoyed and says it’s better to talk to them instead listening to your crap. Ami opens the door. Everyone comes in. Ami looks at Nani with anger. Nani was going to say something, but Shruti stops her. Nani takes Khushboo and leaves. Dadi also leaves. Khusbhoo asks them why Ami was angry? Nani doesn’t answer and sends her outside to play.

Dadi tells Nani, don’t you know how much she loves her father? Nani says, I am a mother and thinking about my daughter’s future.

Inside the room, Shruti explains to Ami, we are a family and we share ideas with each other. That doesn’t mean we do everything that we discuss. She gives her few examples and says, we never did that. Nani loves us a lot so she worries about us and that is why she shared that idea. Ami hugs her and says, I was scared what if you marry someone else. Shruti says, I will never do that. Both hug tightly. Ami then says Dadi and Nani must be fighting, let’s go to them. Dadi comes in and tells Shruti that Sanjay called her. They come outside. Shruti tells Sanjay that she took few days off so she can spend some time with her daughters and finish some other work. Sanjay then tells her that they have to go insurance company tomorrow. Shruti tells this to everyone. Everyone thinks they will get insurance money tomorrow.

In night, Shruti is sorting out insurance papers and remember her husband, Harsh. Harsh used to say that money can be best friend and not having money can be worst enemy. Shruti says, you were right Harsh. She cries and hugs the papers file.

The next morning, Daadi tries to wake Ami up, but she doesn’t. Daadi then throws water at her and wakes her up. Daadi has brought prasad and tells her that Shruti already left to go to the insurance company. Ami tries to take prasad but Daadi tells her to get ready first. They already start planning what they will do once the money come. At the insurance company, Shruti tells Sanjay, she have come here 35 times. Sanjay says, this will be the last time. They enter the office. A manager informs them that they can’t give them money because Harsh didn’t die in an accident, but he committed suicide, and therefore, this policy is invalid. The officer tells Shruti that Harsh committed suicide and therefore they can’t give them money. Shruti gets angry and says it’s impossible that he would commit suicide. He used to stay happy and had made plans in the morning to go out for movie in evening, so how is it possible that he would commit suicide. She blames the manager for lying just because they don’t want to give money. Sanjay calms her down and asks the officer what proof they have. The officer says they surveyed Harsh’s colleagues and found that he used to stay depressed in his last days. Shruti again loses her cool and says she is his wife and if there was anything like that, then she would knew about it. She is worried what if Ami had heard this. She leaves from the company in anger. Sanjay follows her.

At home, Ami and Khushboo are playing monopoly with their friends. Ami and Khushboo are winning everything and they are very happy as they purchased a lot of stuff. Their friend says it’s just a game, in reality, she don’t even have a phone. His phone rings and he shows off. Ami feels little bad. Her friends leave as their mum called them for their tuition classes. Ami and Khushboo are outside and Ami now wants to buy a cell phone too. Jassuben comes to their house and hears about the money. She tells them that Shruti won’t let her increase their house rent, so now at least she will get the ceiling fixed. She brought some groceries and tells the kids to tell Shruti to pay her tomorrow. She also remember that she didn’t get sweets after the kids got their result. Sanjay is chasing Shruti while they are in car. Shruti suddenly asks him to stop the car as she wants to buy sweets. Sanjay goes to the shop with Shruti as well. Shruti orders different item for everyone, and also for Jassuben. Shruti then asks him what he thinks about what the officer said. Sanjay asks, what is she saying? He is fully sure that Harsh can never do anything like this. He always used to smile and whenever he was depressed, he was always there. He tells her that they will fight and they will win.

Daadi and Naani are wondering why Shruti didn’t return yet. They praise Sanjay as he always helps Shruti unlike Shruti’s brother and Harsh’s brother. Daadi says, her son is good, but it’s his wife who doesn’t let him do anything. Shruti enters and gives everyone what she brought for them. Daadi and Naani ask if she was able to get insurance money. Shruti doesn’t know what to say and tries to change the topic. In the end, she says that they have to finish some formalities and then they will get the money. Naani says they managed until now, so few more months. Shruti goes to her room.
Ami is worried as she gave out her books thinking they will get money and they will be able to buy new ones. Khushboo suggests her not to tell anything to Shruti as she is already upset. Shruti comes out. Ami tells her the truth and says she did because she is taught that she should never broke her promise and Shruti had promised to give the books. Shruti first stares at her, but then smiles and hugs her. Khusboo jokes and says she will give out her books too. Shruti calls her for the hug as well and suddenly the ceiling falls on Khusbhoo and everyone is shocked.

These Week Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 451-452

Purab following Ronnie and supposes he is following Tanu's sweetheart. Ronnie calls him and asks where he  is. Purab contacts him and says I was mixed up. He inquires as to why you have changed your get up. Ronnie tells something. Abhi tells his fans that the night is ending, and he didn't have the foggiest idea. He says time have come to talk my heart out. Pragya says Tanu won't come and you will take out your outrage on me. Abhi says I need to make you meet my love, and solicitations his fans to give love to his love. He says I will make a confession today and says I need to call that young lady with whom I have done an error. He requests her to come without taking her name. Pragya gets on the stage. Abhi doesn't see her face and says I am her guilty and will apologize to her infront of all of you. He get down on his knees without seeing her face and says I did a big mistake, please pardon me… .you need to hold up as a result of me, and have bear enough. He says time has desired this. He guarantees to wed her infront of his fans. Kaisa yeh Ishq Hai plays… … .Pragya is shocked and the moment stops for some time. Abhi at last see her face and gets stunned. He sees fans excited. He takes her back on stage and asks where is Tanu? Why did you come there? Pragya says I came there to stopped you, yet you talked relentless.

Abhi says I was going to propose Tanu and not you. Pragya says your fans would have laughed at you and that’s why I came, and can’t let my concert fail. Abhi asks her to keep quiet and goes angrily. Pragya thinks I have to go to parking lot and see what is happening? Purab tells Ronnie that Tanu will definitely come there and she can’t risk her image infront of Abhi. Ronnie says he will change her get up. Tanu is tensed and says her dress is ruined. Nikhil asks her not to worry about her dress and says he will be near her, go and meet the blackmailer. Tanu calls the blackmailer and says Pragya have sent me here. Purab says she came alone. Ronnie says we have to do something and make her come out of hide out. Ronnie goes. Purab worries. Pragya is stopped by the media, and they ask her about next concert. Pragya says I need to go now and have important work now. They see Abhi coming and goes to him. Abhi refuses to talk to him. Abhi asks Akash to note down their questions and says he will answer all of them at home later. Ronnie says yes, I am here………………Tanu says so you are here…..Ronnie as a blackmailer says that Pragya sent you here, and says it is good. Ronnie asks her to give money. Blackmailer asks her to find the proofs in one of the cars. Tanu asks if he is mad? Ronnie says that watchman blackmailer told me that you are like Bunty and Bubbly and a real thug. He asks her to call her boyfriend with the money.

Nikhil comes out of the hideout wearing the burqa. Ronnie says where is the money? Tanu asks him to show the face. Ronnie laughs and says your boyfriend have covered his face as well. Tanu says you know him then why you are asking to see his face. She asks who are you? Ronnie says I am Abhishek Mehra. People know me as Abhi. Tanu is shocked. Ronnie asks her to give the money. Purab gets tensed. Tanu asks him to come with them as the money is in the car. Ronnie asks them to go and says he will follow them. Pragya worries and comes there. Purab says Ronnie have smartly made Tanu said everything and I have recorded in my phone. Pragya asks him to show. Purab says my phone battery was less and nothing is recorded. He gets tensed. Pragya asks if they have gone? Purab asks her to call Ronnie and says I will tell him that I haven’t recorded anything. He gets Purab’s call. He tells him that nothing is recorded, and asks him to make Tanu confess again. Ronnie says no and asks him to be there, and says he has understood. Tanu asks him why he have not told his men to bring the proof here. Ronnie laughs, but sees Tanu’s men catching him. Pragya and Purab get shocked.

Nikhil asks Tanu to go and says I will handle him. He asks Ronnie to give proofs else he will be gone. He says lets see his face before getting the proofs. Ronnie says I thought you are a smart player, but you are a fool. He asks his men to come and hold Nikhil. They hold Nikhil while Ronnie tries to lift his veil. Purab and Pragya looks on.

Nikhil eloping from there. Pragya, Ronnie and Purab run after him. Nikhil thinks if he runs wearing burqa then he will be caught. He runs and stands beside burqa clad women. Pragya also comes there and thinks it is a red light area. She stops the constables and tells them that the girls standing there are not good. Constable says we can’t lift their burqa veil. Pragya says I have seen with my eyes that someone gave money to a girl and she sat on his bike and went with him. Constables say okay and go there. One of the constable asks the girls to show their ID cards and asks woman constable to lift their veil and show faces. Nikhil tries to run, but constable asks him to stand right there. Lady constable tells that he is a man. Constable asks him to lift his veil else he will
make an announcement on the wireless. Nikhil removes the veil and his face is revealed. Pragya thinks my doubt is right and Nikhil is Tanu’s baby father. Constable asks Nikhil to come with him to the Police station. Pragya thinks Sarla was signing them right and Nikhil is responsible for her condition. Purab and Ronnie come there. Pragya tells Ronnie that he is caught by the Police and tells that he is none other than Nikhil. She says she took Police help. Purab says we shall inform Abhi. Pragya says what we will tell him without the proofs. Purab feels bad as the confession is not recorded. Pragya says atleast we know that he is Nikhil. She says we have to go home as Abhi is angry after the announcement. Ronnie tells them that he will come later and asks them to go.
Dadi talks to Sarla and says why you have fainted. She asks her not to worry. Rachna comes and says I have something for you, and you will get happy seeing it. Dadi sees the video in which Abhi apologizing to Pragya and proposing her for marriage. Sarla also gets happy. Dadi says God wants Pragya and Abhi to be together, and prays for their togetherness. Rachna says it will happen soon. Ronnie thinks we couldn’t do anything even if we know the truth now, and says pragya is suffering more. He says it is enough of the planning and thinks he have to do everything directly. Tanu waits for Nikhil. Ronnie calls her and says I told you not to be smart. He asks her to be there and says I will come there. Tanu tells her that she is backside of concert godown. Ronnie says I will come there and asks her to be there.

Abhi recalls his conversation with Tanu and thinks she is very careless. I won’t forgive her. He picks Pragya’s photo frame and recalls his promise and confession. He thinks why did Pragya come to the stage and heard everything silently. He thinks Tanu and Pragya both are betrayals, thinks he will not forgive them nor see his face. Tanu wonders where are you Nikhil? Please pick my call before that blackmailer reaches here. Ronnie comes there and says I will tell you what is the real game now. He laughs. Tanu gets tensed. Pragya comes home and tells Dadi that she has seen his face. She says that man is none other than Nikhil. Dadi says Tanu is pregnant with his baby. She says Sarla’s condition is because of him, and says he acts as a humble man. He says we won’t leave him. You have proofs naa, we will go to abhi and show him proof. Pragya says I have just seen his face and don’t have proof. Dadi says no problem, and says God is with you. She says Rachna showed us video in which Abhi apologized to you and proposed for marriage. Pragya says it is a misunderstanding and tells that I was on stage in Tanu’s place. Abhi got upset and scolded me. She says I will talk to him. Dadi asks her not to go and let Abhi’s anger cool down. Ronnie and his men take Tanu to a certain place and tie her on to the chair. Tanu threatens him that he will have to suffer. Ronnie goes to make a call.

Ronnie calls Pragya and tells her that he has kidnapped Tanu. He says he will ask Tanu to call her boyfriend, and once he reaches there, I will record their confession. Pragya scolds him and says she is reaching there. Dadi asks what happened? Pragya tells her that Ronnie have kidnapped Tanu. She calls Purab and informs him the same, and asks him to reach there. Tanu asks why did you kidnapped me? Ronnie asks her to call her boyfriend and asks him to come there. Nikhil is freed from the police station by his men. Tanu calls Nikhil and tells that she is kidnapped. She asks him to come there. She tells Ronnie that you have done a mistake by kidnapping me. Abhi will not spare you. Ronnie tells Tanu that he has proof against her and Abhi will not leave her. He tells that Nikhil is your baby’s father. Tanu gets shocked.

Ronnie thinking he will record Nikhil’s confession once he comes there. He checks his phone battery, and tells his goons that Nikhil is very clever. Nikhil comes there hiding his face. Tanu tells him that the blackmailer knows even you. Nikhil gives him money bag and asks for proofs. Ronnie asks which proof? Nikhil says the proof which will prove that Tanu is carrying my baby. Ronnie thinks he has confessed everything. Nikhil scares the goons and says if we don’t get out within 5 mins, then police will come and do your encounter. Ronnie’s goons leave from there. Nikhil sees Ronnie’s face and says so you are blackmailer. Ronnie says I will show the proofs to Abhi now as without proof no one will believe me. He runs from there. Nikhil unties Tanu’s hand and they run
after Tanu. Ronnie tells Nikhil to come and take the proofs. Nikhil beats Ronnie mercilessly, and stabs on his stomach.

Pragya and Purab come there and sees Nikhil taking Ronnie’s mobile and sees him injured. Then they push Ronnie from the cliff. Tanu asks Nikhil, if Ronnie is alive. Nikhil says he must have died. They leave. Purab and Pragya call Ronnie and come there. They see Ronnie’s body and run towards him. Ronnie open his opens and says nothing have happened to him. Purab tells Pragya that blood is not coming out from his body. Ronnie takes out the knife and tells that he went with protection. Pragya says you must be happy that your are alive. Purab tells that he has an idea to make Tanu speak her truth with her mouth.

Pragya comes to her room and gets shocked seeing Abhi holding a stick. He falls down on the bed. Pragya says he is sleeping. Abhi with his eyes closed, says I won’t leave anyone. Pragya thinks if he attacks me in night then I couldn’t protect myself. Pragya makes him sleep on couch and thinks he shall not wake up till morning and calm down his anger. She sleeps on the bed, and dreams that Abhi is pressing her neck. She wakes up shockingly. Abhi laughs and asks if she saw a dream and says your dream will come true. Abhi throws tomato on her and shows a basket of tomatoes and eggs. Pragya tells him not to insult it. Abhi says you would have thought when you asked audience to throw them on me. Abhi throws the tomatoes. Pragya covers herself with his favorite pillow. Pragya asks why are you angry on me? I came on stage to save your respect and even apologized to you. She asks if Tanu apologized to you.

Abhi thinks she is right and thinks to scold Tanu. Abhi comes to Tanu’s room and knocks on the door. He sees her missing from the room, calls her and sees her phone ringing. He thinks I will punish her once she returns. Tanu comes to her room. Abhi is about to throw tomato and egg on her, but thinks she is pregnant. He says my music and career is ending because of you. HE asks where did you go leaving me? Tanu says I got someone’s call and he said that my mummy came to meet me and met with an accident. She says she got kidnapped then. Abhi says you got kidnapped and came home. Tanu says I have hit the goon and went to Police station to file the complaint. She says I was in the police station all night and asks him to confirm if he wants. Abhi asks about the police station. Tanu gets tensed. Pragya looks on.

Tuesday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 5-6

Samrat sees Urmi, and finds her pacing nervously around. Ishaan teases Samrat, to ask him to smile and tell the client that he would be a couple of hours late. He walks upto Urmi. As she turns around, she comes face to face with him and she smile seeing him.

At the fort, Urmi and Samrat greet each other, and ask about each other. After exchanging nice ties, Samrat asks why was he called. Urmi says that she just wanted to, but he impatiently interrupts her citing work. Urmi says that she has something to talk to her. But she is hesitant. Samrat takes her to go somewhere private and alone, so that she can talk at comfort and asks Urmi what's the matter, as he has to leave soon, for work. Urmi first apologises, but he asks her not to bother. Urmi hesitatingly brings up the topic of Trisha, she tells Samrat about Trisha's opinion regarding him and immediately Samrat’s eyebrows tighten and he gets tensed, scaring her. He understands where this is heading. Urmi too is tensed. Furious Samrat responds rudely and asks if she has really called him to talk about Trisha. Urmi says that Trisha told they met before. He agrees and says that he wants to clear one thing, first, he doesn't like intelligent girls like Trisha, shrewd ones, and secondly he doesn't want to bother about her. Urmi again talks about her, but he says that he left his important meeting, but not for this. Urmi gets tensed. He asks if their is anything else. Urmi is silent. But Ishaan breqaks the ice, and brings some flowers for Urmi and gives her on behalf of Samrat pretending that Samrat got them, but forgot midway, in the excitement of meeting her. Samrat is frustrated at this. While Urmi blushes away, Ishaan desperately tries to get Samrat top romance her and soften up a little. He somehow manages to give the flowers, but finding it an utter waste of time. Urmi thank him, but Ishaan asks Samrat to atleast be courteous and say it's his pleasure. Ishaan then tells the two of them to get cosy, while he takes off.

Urmi, oblivious of Samrat’s true self, is in her own dream world, with her dream husband, Samrat, where his whole world revolves around her and romancing her, while he is actually getting increasingly impatient. As they head back, Urmi still isn't out of her dream sequence where she thinks everything would be picture perfect.

At Urmi’s residence, while Urmi’s family are talking about the use of costs and expenditure at the gifts, Trisha’s marriage comes up, and Trisha expresses her disinterest in marriage. Urmi’s mother says that woman need to be independant first but her sister in-law says that women don't have such choices in their life. Before a dueal can ensue, Urmi is being talked about. Granny tells that she said and has gone to meet her husband. While they are talking, Urmi returns blushing, with a bouquet of roses. She smiles when asked about her meeting with Samrat, but gets tensed seeing Trisha. They don't really mind it and get to teasing her, while she hides the roses. Trisha is tensed herself. Urmi’s father comes to her rescue, and asks her to go and meet who is in her room. Urmi recognizes the person as the lady who wets the cheeks with sloppy kisses. In comes Bua ji, living up to her repo, while all are irritated. She gets excited talking about Samrat, while Urmi blushes. Urmi's sister in-law again gets to gloating about her connection with Samrat. She kisses her too that she will have a hearty laugh at this.

While on the Terrance, Trisha asks Urmi about Samrat. Urmi tells Trisha about her meeting and that she had to meet him, as she can't ignore what she said. Trisha asked if she did talk. Urmi again emphasises that she had a misunderstanding about him, and he may be short tempered and not that much, that he becomes unlivable. She adds that he may have been hassled from work that day and emphasises that Trisha would definitely like him next time. Trisha sounds unconvinced. Urmi tells Trisha that he is just the husband that every girl dreams of. Trisha is convinced and says that they are happy if she is, and that she should remember that she should take this step only after, she knows that he would respect her despite loving her.

At Samrat’s residence, Ishaan asks samrat not to hurt his own people, and not to be that dry from work. He asks Ishaan to stop lecturing him, as it's his personality trait, and he can't help it. He adds that he can't romanticise. Ishaan asks him to be a little more cautious when dealing with one’s own people. He tries to make Samrat see the importance of little things in life, that brings about big happiness. Ishaan says further that he would again reverse Samrat to what he was, and make him realise that things are more important than business matters. But Samrat says that he doesn't agree, as money is most important, and talks materialistic. Ishaan tries to get him to the right direction but Samrat says that Ishaan would always come to his rescue and that he put him in an embarassing situation, and made a big problem now, by raising her expectations. He teases Samrat as to what did she talk about. Samrat tells what he said, when she brought up Trisha’s topic. Ishaan asks him not to say things like that, as she’s his fiancee after all. Samrat says that marriage doesn't mean that someone comes and starts interfering in every trivial matter of one’s life. Ishaan is shocked to see Samrat so dry and crude. He asks Samrat why is he marrying then. Samrat says that he is marrying, as one day he has to, and the girl is okay and fine, and liked by the family. Samrat adds that marriage is useless, yet compulsory, and hence wanted to get it done with. The screen freezes on Urmi and Samrat’s face, each oblivious of the other’s contrast thinking about marriage and spouse.
At Urmi and Samrat’s residence, Samrat and Urmi discuss their contrasting views about their marriage, with the other, to their best friend’s Trisha and Ishaan. Urmi is super excited that he is the perfect husband for her, while Samrat trivialises the concept of marriage with Ishaan. Trisha apologises to Urmi for her misunderstanding saying that she can always fend out for her and they have a fun time together.

The next morning, its Urmi’s haldi ceremony, with fun and frolic in the house and festivities in full swing. Urmi comes down and Urmi's family performs her Haldi ceremony as the marriage rituals of haldi begin one by one. Same is the case with samrat’s house, just that Samrat is visibly disinterested in such rituals. The haldi rituals begin, while her younger sister takes the chance to do it first but Urmi's sister in-law is given the first chance as custom demands. She complies and satrts the haldi ceremony. Then her sister is called on to do the honours. Trisha comes in and the sisters have a playful haldi session. Urmi’s father looks at her longingly, teary eyed, as she goes through the rituals. While the haldi ceremony is going on in Urmi’s house, while she shyly takes part, being teased by everyone. Samrat’s relatives are getting impatient for the haldi ceremony. On the other hand, Samrat is fully dressed up for work, he gets irritated when his family stops him for haldi. Samrat strictly denies being a part of his Haldi ceremony by declaring that he has some important work to be finished. Ishaan and others are tensed. His mother insists, while he asks her to go ahead with the rituals but he doesn't have the time. All are shocked. His sister in-law tells him that he would have to apply haldi, as it's his marriage after all and the ritual would be incomplete without him. Samrat reprimands her as she tries to come closer, and tells everyone that he has to go, and doesn't believe in all this. He adds that he maybe getting married, but he can't compromise with his work. His relatives try to talk about old traditions and popular belief behind this, but he taunts them and says that he is a nonbeliever. His father tries to convince him of the importance of these traditions, but he scolds him too. Ishaan finally comes to the rescue, saying that work can happen later, and marriage means lots of rituals. Samrat says that he doesn't want to understand and asks him not to begin and again reinforces his descision. His mother asks Ishaan to let go, singing to Samrat’s tune, surprising others, while Samrat approves of her. She says that she won't stop him, but for the sake of the ritual, he can just out a tilak, so that neither the rituals nor the work stops. He resignedly says yes. His sister in-law does the tilaik, and he finishes it robotically and walks out of the house in anger, while the entire house is enjoying.

After the ceremony, all are having a fun session and go onto teasing Urmi’s younger sister about finding a groom for her too. Meanwhile, Bua ji tells them that they need Urmi’s haldi for Samrat. Granny explains the importance and need of this ritual, while the young people are concerned about the hygiene of this ritual but granny says that it brings proximity and closeness between the couple. They start teasing Urmi too. Meanwhile, Samrat’s relatives are talking about how would Samrat cope with the rest of the rituals. His mother gives Samrat’s father the meds, while he is concerned about Samrat’s behaviour towards this marriage. She asks him not to worry, while he reprimands her for being so protective about her son and it leading to this extent. He asks what if Urmi’s family comes to ask for Samrat’s haldi. She asks him to relax and to let Samrat decide what he wants to do. Just then, Urmi’s haldi comes to Samrat’s house for him who turns out to be Urmi's brother, and while Urmi's brother gives Samrat’s family that, they ask for Samrat’s haldi too. Samrat’s family and Ishaan are tensed. They start making excuses that they were waiting for them only. Gaurav wonders where Samrat is and asks for Samrat and his mother lies, that he’s tired and he is hence resting in his room. His mother starts organising for snacks and calls out Ishaan to the side, while his father starts cahtting with them. In the kitchen, they wonder what to do now. Samrat’s mother says that they can send any haldi and pass it off as Samrat’s. Ishaan doesn't like this idea. They wonder what to do now. Meanwhile, the servant lady comes to them saying that Gaurav wants to meet Samrat. Both are tensed, while Samrat’s mother asks Ishaan to handle the situation. Ishaan is angry at Samrat but still says that he would help. Ishaan comes out saying that he has an important work at a place and asks Gaurav if he would drop him there. Samrat’s mother gives Gaurav the haldi, but is tensed when he expresses his desire to meet Samrat too now that he has come here. Samrat’s mother and Ishaan are tensed as to what to answer. Ishaan tries to distract him, but Gaurav insists. Samrat’s mother’s tensed hearing this.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 449-450

Abhi talking to his fans and asks him to prove that he stays in their heart. Purab tells Dadi that he will go and stop Abhi. Abhi tells his fans that he wants their support. Pragya comes inside the monitoring room and says Tanu and her boyfriend haven’t reached vanity van yet. Fans tells Abhi that they are with him. Abhi says today is your test, and says your decision will decide my future. He says I will sing a song with you. Purab comes on stage and tells Abhi where is Tanu? He says people will laugh on you as Tanu is not here. Abhi says yes you said right, you have saved me. Purab asks him to entertain the guest and says he will bring Tanu. Abhi says I will sing one more song before speaking my heart out. Fans get happy. Abhi sings Parvardigara…… Fitoor song. Pragya, Sarla and Dadi see his performance. Fans get happy. Dadi asks Pragya to have strength and says everything will be fine.

Pragya says I am wondering what to do? Whether to keep an eye on him or to watch Tanu. She says if Abhi makes an announcement, then fans will support him and will want me to divorce him. She asks Dadi what to do? Purab tells Pragya that he has managed to handle Abhi, and told him that fans will laugh at him if he makes an announcement without Tanu. He says we have to stop Tanu from reaching the stage. Just then they see Tanu and her boyfriend going to check the vanity van. Pragya says may be they want to check if it is safe. Aaliya thinks how to enter, and collides with Mitali. Mitali shouts at her. Tai ji asks her to bring juice for her. Tai ji and Mitali start their usual fight. Taya ji asks him to control and says everyone knows about us. Aaliya tries to enter control room, but sees Akash there. She thinks how to enter there.

Dadi says why this man is not lifting the veil? Tanu and Nikhil gets inside the vanity van. Nikhil says we will keep camera here. Tanu asks him to lift the veil. Nikhil removes the burqa veil. Nikhil says you would have told me clearly that you want to see my face and lifts the veil, but Tanu puts his veil down his face and thinks she want to get rid of him. Purab scolds Ronnie for not installing camera at the other end. Abhi thinks Purab haven’t brought Tanu here, and says it is high time now, I want to get relieved of Pragya’s memories and decides to make an announcement. He calls Tanu and asks where are you? Tanu says she met a producer. Pragya says may be Tanu got Abhi’s call. Abhi asks Tanu to be there within 5 mins. Tanu promises. Purab asks Ronnie to do something. Tanu tells Nikhil that she is leaving. Nikhil asks her to go and says he is putting the camera.

Tanu thinks Pragya might get upset and thinks to ask her to call blackmailer first before she goes to Abhi. Ronnie tells Purab that they shall get inside the vanity van and see the man’s face. They knock on the door. Nikhil puts the camera and thinks Tanu might be knocking on the door. Purab knocks on the door and asks him to come out. Nikhil panics hearing Purab and Ronnie;’s voice. Purab asks security to break open the door. Nikhil thinks he is trapped and wonders what to do.

Tanu waiting for Pragya’s call. She thinks she shall meet Abhi and asks him to announce after sometime. She hears someone saying that a thief have entered vanity. She gets tensed and thinks what will happen. Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to rest for a while. Abhi says if I sing more songs then you will earn more money. He says I will do many concert, but may be you might not organize the concert. Pragya asks what do you mean? She says I will send cold drink for you. Abhi asks he will not drink and says he will not let her ruin his voice. He says Tanu is the reason for doing the concert, and says he will announce his marriage plan with Tanu. He says his fans are everything for him and says he will tell them how she has been troubling her. He says I told you to divorce
me and also warned you, but you have refused. Pragya folds her hands and requests him not to make announcement. Abhi agrees and asks him to give divorce right now. Pragya says your fans might think you wrong knowing that you are getting married to a pregnant lady. Abhi says he got love from his fans and they will support him. He says he will accept his mistake and his fans will get more happy knowing his honesty. He says nobody can stop him from doing justice to Tanu and his baby. A song plays……………

Abhi says you have forced me to do an announcement. Security asks Nikhil to open the door. Nikhil thinks to call Tanu, but have no network. Purab asks him to break the door. Tanu gets tensed and says you can do anything. She tells Purab that her friend is inside, and she sent her to vanity to use washroom. Purab asks Tanu to call her. Tanu calls Ruksana and asks him to come out. Nikhil opens the door and comes out. Tanu says I told that she is my friend. They can’t see his face. Purab asks about her. Ronnie asks her to show the face. Tanu says her family is conservative and might see her on camera. Purab tells Ronnie that let it be. Tanu says only Abhi can see her face. Purab asks security to make her sit in the VIP section. Nikhil thanks Tanu for handling so well and says he was so scared. He says camera is fitted in vanity and asks her to call blackmailer there. Tanu asks are you mad? Nikhil says okay, and asks her to call blackmailer in the parking.
Purab and Ronnie tell Pragya that Tanu have saved that man. Pragya says she is very clever, you can’t lift that man’s veil infront of everyone. Pragya sees Tanu coming and tells that she will message them about the new plan. Tanu comes to Pragya. Pragya asks Tanu why she took her friend to vanity and says blackmailer called her and asked. Tanu apologizes. Pragya says I don’t want to deal with blackmailer and will cancel it. Tanu says no, and asks her to call blackmailer to the parking lot. Pragya says okay. Tanu asks her to call blackmailer after sometime as she has to meet Abhi before. Pragya says what is more important to you, meeting Abhi or blackmailer. Tanu agrees to meet blackmailer first. Pragya asks Tanu to be there and says she will call blackmailer. Pragya shares her idea with Purab and says I saw his face and thought he is Nikhil. Purab says okay, I will go on stage. Pragya says it will be clear now it he is Nikhil or not.

Purab comes on stage and introduces himself. He thanks Abhi’s fans and asks them to enjoy the show. He says I want to make an important announcement and says he would like to thank a special organizer who have done much for the event. He calls Nikhil and requests him to come on stage right now. Pragya thinks now I will seen how you will run away from here.

Purab calling Nikhil on stage and says he is a sponsor who have helped to organize the event. Abhi thinks so Nikhil have helped her. Purab thinks Nikhil doesn’t come, and it means her doubt is true. Nikhil comes and shocking everyone. Pragya wonders how can this be possible? Tanu also thinks the same. Nikhil goes on stage and thanks Purab. He thanks the fans for success of the event. Dadi goes to washroom leaving Sarla alone. Sarla cries and faints seeing Nikhil. Pragya sees lady and thinks she is really a girl (actually she was Aaliya in burqa). Tanu asks Nikhil why did Purab announce his name? Nikhil tells Tanu that he suggested some sponsors name for the event, and that’s why Purab called him on stage. He tells her that he made fool of the security and came on stage
removing the burqa. Just then Tanu gets Abhi’s call. Abhi gets angry on her and threatens not to marry her if she don’t come on stage within 5 mins.

Nikhil asks Tanu to go. Tanu asks him to go to parking lot. Dadi comes there. Pragya asks why she left Maa alone? Dadi says she made someone sit with Sarla. Purab asks Pragya, why she doubted on Nikhil? Pragya says I have seen his face when his veil was moved for a sec. She says how can he come on stage and gets puzzled. Dadi says he can’t be Nikhil as she has a girl friend. Pragya says Tanu called blackmailer to the parking lot. Pragya and others come there. Pragya sees Sarla unconscious and try to wake her up. She asks them to call ambulance and says they will send her home.

Aaliya comes to the monitoring room wearing burqa and thinks this is a music room. I have to deal with this man. She asks him to bring water. He goes to give water. She compromises with the music system, and says Abhi will be ruined, and your downfall is started. Akash comes there and asks who are you? Akash asks Mitali to see her face. Mitali asks her to show her face. Aaliya nods no. Mitali asks her to remove her veil. Akash says she will not agree like this. Mitali says I am removing your veil. She shouts as she sees her face.

Akash asks what happened Bhabhi? Mitali says Aaliya. Aaliya removes the veil. Akash asks what are you doing here? Aaliya says she saw the wires removed and that’s why came to solve the voice problem. She says music system is bad. Mitali and Akash don’t believe her. Akash asks someone to check. He checks and says wires are removed. Akash asks why did you come in burqa? Aaliya says I wanted to attend the concert and that’s why worn burqa. She apologizes to Akash and acts as she tried to repair the equipments. She says she don’t want any credit and wants the concert to be a success. She asks him not to tell anyone. Tanu comes to meet Abhi back stage and apologizes to him. Abhi asks her to be there and asks her to come on stage, when he takes her name. Pragya thinks what to do as Abhi is going to stage and thinks how to stop her.

Pragya prays to God to stop Tanu somehow. Ronnie comes and tells her that he has an idea. He says only blackmailer can stop Tanu. He calls Tanu as a blackmailer and asks her to come with the money to the parking area. Tanu says she will come after some time. Blackmailer asks her to come now itself. Tanu agrees. Ronnie asks Pragya to handle Abhi and says he will handle Tanu. Tanu tells Pragya that she got blackmailer’s call and he called her to meet her. Pragya asks her to do what is more important. Tanu goes to meet blackmailer and asks Pragya to handle Abhi.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Monday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 1-3

At Urmi’s residence, A young and Beautiful small town girl Urmi lives with her parents, brother, sister-in-law, younger sister and grand-mother. Urmi's marriage has been fixed with Samrat. Everybody prepares for Urmi's pre-marital rituals. Urmi’s family is shown to be excited preparing for her wedding, and all geared up and excited, from the gents to the ladies. All are having fun and engage in friendly banter, while the marriage related teasing go on. Granny too comes and gives the relatives some last minute advise, on getting the first ritual in the series of marriage. They are angry as one of the relative has forgotten the list at home only. A girl named Trisha, is to come today, whose picking up is being discussed. Urmi’s brother is reprimanded for going to the office on the day that his sister’s marriage rituals start. His wife comes in to give some cards to be distributed on the way, while bantering nonsensically. He hesitates, but his mother advises him to listen to his wife, as she is very mature, that she has selected Urmi’s husband, who happens to be her Buaji’s son. The wife again emphasises on how good a person Samrat is, a little sarcastically, that she got way beyong her reach, by landing such a good catch. All are irritataed but don't say anything. They begin searching around for Urmi, and is told by granny that she must have gone to Shiv’s temple, that she goes every saturday.

At the temple and on the road, Urmi is thankful to the lord for making all her dreams come true, and getting such a wonderful match. She says that she wants one more thing, that despite loving, she also gets respect from her husband, and together they create a new example of faith and trust. Her sister comes in and asks her to stop talking to the Lord now, as he too must be bored by now. She shows Urmi how the wishing tree is loaded with her wishes only. They also discuss Trisha’s arrival, and assume that her train must have come. She calls up Trisha, who says that she has entered Jhansi. She says that she has already taken an auto, and is reaching home, and asks Urmi also to return home to dress up for the ritual. Urmi complies and cancels the call.

Meanwhile, Trisha’s auto breaks down, and she has to hanker for another auto. While she is bargaining with the other auto, she is confronted by some goons, who evetease her, and finally she is unable to control herself, and goes on to call the police, while the crowd sees it and is amused. The traffic comes to a jam particularly irritating a person in the car, who comes out to find what's the commotion, after being told that a girl has held them all up. He gets down, and finding his way through the crowd asks what's the drama and commotion all about. Trisha tells her plight. He takes off his sunglasses and faces the goons with a stern look. Then he gives a cursory glance at the girl and tells her not to be dressed like that so as to provocate the boys. She is stunned and tries to counter him, but in turn he tells her not to create a drama and move on. She reprimands him that he too is like others but with a different attire. He says that she and all females want to be equal and hence should try and face all of this alone. She is stunned into silenece, while he disperses the crowd and drives away with his car.

Granny is reprimanding Urmi for working when she should be resting, and her sister to work, who’s resting. They are all fussy over her to beautify her, as it's her special day. Urmi’s Bhabhi is unable to stand this, and starts taunting, but all laugh it away. Urmi is told to sleep, while she adamantly says that she won't and would do so only after Trisha comes and she meest her. But granny doesn't let go of her, and is about to take her away, when Trisha walks in through the door. Urmi is excited and goes on to hug her and asks what's took her so long. Trisha congratulates her, while all ask if she had any problem in the way. Trisha takes everyone’s blessings. They find that she’s tensed and ask her what happened. Trisha goes onto relate what happened to her and her encounter with that obnoxious man, how he turned into something completely opposite from what she had expected him to be. Urmi is tensed. She also tells Urmi about his opinion on her dress sense, and wonders how his wife would be supporting him. Urmi too says that same thing, that the woman who marries such a man would be very unlucky. The screen freezes on Urmi’s face.

Daadi says that most man are like that and says to Babhoo to give ladoo and water to Trisha. Urmi takes Trisha to her room. Daadi says to Nirmala not to make her daughter so bold.

Urmi puts face pack on her face. Trisha asks Urmi's sister to show brother in-law's face but Urmi refuses and says that Trisha will see her brother in-law at the function. She asks her sister to show the photo and her sister says she wills show it and she makes her foll and shows her jewellery. Her sister says what gift did Trisha brought for Urmi. She gets her laptop. Trisha starts her laptop and she shows her some nighties or lingeries. Urmi feels awkward. Trisha says they are clothes to wear. Trisha and Anu make fun of Urmi. Trisha asks Urmi which lingerie to order.

Daadi comes as all girls shout. She asks Urmi to take rest else by evening they will look tired. Trisha says already brother in-law has selected her. Nirmala comes and says woman should look beautiful else men will go stray, Daadi talks about olden days and how they used ubtan and how they have beauty parlour nowdays. She says woman have to adjust., her mom says to Urmi they should do all duties with full dedication. Daadi says woman should have lot of pateince. Trisha says what all only Urmi will do brother in-law will do nothing. Urmi feels shy and they make fun of her…mom says urmi not to dream if they are shattered and she will feel bad. Nirmala says that Damad ji will treat Urmi as queen.

Her brother tells the catering fellow to check everything if is okay and to keep tanddor later. Urmi sister gives the keys to Daadi. Daadi sees if all work is done. Her dad asks the light fellow to check the lighting. Urmi gets ready for her engamement. Trisha tells Urmi that she is looking pretty.

Later when Samrat and his family visits Urmi's house for the Oli ritual and Urmi's sister in-law says as they are rich they came with band baaja. Her moms says for engagement they come with band baaja and all are excited. Trisha asks Anu to make Urmi wear bangles as she wants to see Urmis dulha.
All are welcomed to Urmi home. Urmi sister in-law tried to touch Daadi feet. Daadi stops her not to touch as she is pregnant and that the way she walks she will have a baby girl. Urmi's dad says that daughters take good care of parents. Ishaan come and light falls on him. Dad calls for help and he makes sure that the lighting is fine. Her dad thanks the guy. Trisha see Ishann and thanks her that it's Urmi fiance. Anu asks if Trisha see brother in-law. Urmi asks if she like her brother in-law. She says the boy is perfect for Urmi and that she is happy for her.

Samrat mom calls for Urmi. Ishaan see Urmi and he says she is beautiful. Samrat mom asks Urmi mom to bring Urmi. Urmi's mom takes Urmi and makes her sit. The pundit starts the pooja. Urmi gets blessings from Samrat's parents, they say she looks beautiful and that she is fit to be Samrat wife. Urmi's dad introduces Trisha too. Urmi is asked to sit for rasam. Urmi mom asks for Samrat. Ishann is asked to call for Samrat as he is always busy. Ishann introduces Samrat to all. Samrat sees Trisha. Trisha discovers that Samrat is the same stranger with whom she fought on her way home and recollects what happened last day enroute to her house. Samrat sits down while Trisha asks if he is the family son in-law. Urmi smiles butTrisha is upset.

The rasam is completed, Ishann calls Samrat but he is busy with his phone…bhabhi asks Saurav to get milk to make tea as boys parents are rich. The pundit asks Samrat's mom to make her wear chunri. She says it's mehar matats chunri…they give her shaddi ka jooda. She says he will become son in-law soon. Samrat's dad gives Urmi Jewell's and blesses her. Samrat's mom calls Samrat elder brother and he gives jewellery to Urmi. Urmi sister in-law gives her jewellery and it falls down and asks her to be careful. Samrat's mom says they will give her lott. Urmi's dad says Urmi future is bright. Urmi finally sees Samrat and she feels shy..

At Urmi’s residence, the entire family is engaging in family banter, while the groom, Samrat and his friend are getting restless. Urmi’s young sister asks what's he getting for her as a gift. He immediately says that all this is from his side only, then what's the need for a new one. All are tensed at such a rude answer from the groom to be. Urmi gets a little disappointed on learning that Samrat has not brought any gift for her. His friend makes up for it, by saying that he has planned something special for her later, and asks Urmi to tell him what she wants, as he is a little weak in this matter. He decides to give her his gift. A relative tells him to address her as sister in-law. While he talks of preserving a woman’s individuality and her self existence, he says that he won't do. All are impressed. The lady says that it's true, but a new identity is born too. He says that what's the use of it. While she continues, Samrat’s mother tells her to stop arguing as he won't let her win. Samrat is getting restless, while Urmi is shyly and happily accepting the gift. Samrat's best friend Ishaan brings a diary for Urmi to pen down every memory of her new life that is to start. All are excited at the idea behind it. Urmi too likes it. Ishaan sits by Samrat’s side. Samrat’s mother gets rose infused milk for Urmi, for her to bathe till the day of marriage. Urmi’s sister in-law doesnt let this chance go by to emphasise that it's all due to her. Samrat gets restless, and Trisha is tensed.

All sit down and discuss as to how much they have spent in the gifts and they have to reciprocate it too. They tease Urmi a little on that too and marvel at Urmi’s luck. They continuously marvel at the expenditure. Urmi’s brother says that he is in tension, as to how would Urmi carry all this, and tease her by breaking it to fits of laughter. All start guffawing. Urmi sits by her brother’s side, while he talks of her going away very soon, and gets nostalgic at the thought of missing her after she gets married and is gone. Urmi says that she won't forget them, and wouldn't leave him, as she is in the same city. All get emotional and find Trisha tensed. They ask her what happened. But she makes an excuse and says that everything is alright. She is asked how did he like Samrat. They start talking about how Urmi is very lucky to have landed such a god catch, while her sister in-law doesn't stop taunting and teasing her, in the garb of sarcasm. Trisha says that only finance's dont determine what kind of a man he is. All are tensed and ask what does she mean. Her sister in-law takes it personal, and is asked not to do so. Urmi is tensed. Her mother says that as he doesn't talk much, hence she must have got that opinion. Her sister in-law again gets to defending him. Trisha says that she just wants Urmi to be happy with him, and money can't buy that. For a relation, money doesnt matter, respect and trust does. She leaves, while Urmi is tensed.

At Samrat’s residence, while all return home tired and exhausted, Samrat returns home nonplussed. They discuss if there were any shortcomings. Samrat says that there wasn't anything, as all has been already given, and there’s not much space too. His mother favours him too. When Samrat finds what they have been given, his mother starts comparing that they gave much more than what they have got. Ishaan tries to get their mind off the money, and think about the quality of the bride that she’s getting. Samrat teases him for changing sides, after having been there. While Samrat is told that Urmi would bring a change, Samrat is furious and says that he would never change for anyone. Ishaan says that he would have to, and he won't even know it. On his opnion, Ishaan says that he can't handle arranged marriages. Samrat says that love isn't for him. Ishaan says that once he marries, he would fall in love. They keep discussing about marriage, teasing each the other.

At Urmi’s Residence, Trisha seems displeased after meeting Samrat and his family and goes to the roof, Urmi comes too and joins her. she asks Trisha what happened. Trisha doesn't respond. Urmi asks if she didn't like him. Trisha says that she didn't, as she thought Ishaan was Samrat, but when she got to know the truth, she didn't like it. Urmi asks how did she find out in the first glance. Trisha says that she knows Samrat better than her and that Samrat is not the right man for her. Urmi asks how. She asks if she can be happy with a man who always values money, over relations, and can't respect woman and her dignity. Urmi asks her to explain everything. Trisha tells Urmi that Samrat was the same man, who she was talking about erarlier. Urmi is shocked to hear this.